Healthcare access for all: 

I would work to expand Montanans' access to quality healthcare and lower costs. One of the ways we can ensure healthcare access is by strengthening Montana's Expanded Medicaid Program. Expanded Medicaid helps our rural hospitals stay open and lowers costs. With expanded Medicaid, people can address their health issues before they require costly, emergency medical intervention.


Quality public education:

Because of my education, I was able to break the cycle of poverty. I want to ensure all Montanans have access to quality education ranging from early childhood programs to public universities to trade schools. Montana would benefit from a state-funding program to provide optional, public pre-K. Studies show that children attending public pre-K benefit from increased academic readiness and decreased intervention costs later in their school years. Public pre-K levels the field by providing equitable education access for all children. I would also support increased state funding to public schools, such as money to keep up with inflation as we saw in the last legislative session.


Helping Montana businesses:

Due to our current crisis, small businesses need support in order to recover and thrive. I support legislation that helps small businesses, such as low or no interest disaster loans and grants. 


Safety nets to help struggling Montanans:

When I was growing up, social safety nets helped my family get by. I would like to see improved funding and expanded access to social services. Due to CV19, these programs will be more critical than ever. Access to food assistance, affordable housing, mental health services, and other community services aren't just lines on the budget. They are programs that save lives and provide opportunity.

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